Thursday, May 6, 2010

Axis Bank: Moving Into Its True League?

Finally, indications of moving into its true league are visible here. The convincing Q4 numbers, both sequentially and YoY, point to catching up with ICICI Bank & HDFC Bank, and there are no signs of fatigue here.

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  1. Shadow on the Axis Culture

    Ref Business India 25/07/2010

    Axis Bank has grown by acquiring business by aggressive pressure on the branches and ignored fundamental aspects of banking such as operational efficiency, staff accountability, audit & compliance and hence the bank is facing a major issue of NPAs, serious frauds through senior branch officials due to business pressure and also unethical HR practices like withdrawal of ESOP’s up to the level of AVPs and banks unethical PMS & Promotion policies which keeps on changing every year has increased staff attrition rate. It’s a time to re look into those issues seriously and grows clean & green in order to bring the light from shadow.
    Sanjay Prabhu – Pune